Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today became overwhelming, when I realized all that must be accomplished in the next four weeks. I decided to breathe and create a strategy. I needed to prioritize or be consumed with the deadlines and assignments to come. 

Then, as I am organizing and attempting to time manage, the flood gates of doubt broke free. The deadly substance rushed through my mind, saturating my thoughts, and just as I began to drown, it hit me. Stand up. And so, I stood up and that rush of damned toxicity diminished and I realized I had been drowning in a puddle of doubt. 

I gave way to my doubt, giving it power and allowing it to consume me. I had to remind myself I can do this and I can do it well. I cannot allow my past mistakes or issues chase me away from discovering purpose, fulfillment, love, and happiness. 

And so, I strut on...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Class of 2015

For the next year and a half, my main goal is to posture myself as such to be justifiably admitted into a top law school, and specifically, NYU. Here, I will journal my adventure through the pre-law school woes and joys. This avenue will be a means to tracking my progress, while holding myself accountable and mirroring my time management. In these next several months, several changes will have to be made, starting within myself--how I think, spend my time and my money, and the relationships in which I do or do not decided to invest my time.

Also, time management being the foundation to my progress, will show where I have previously, frivolously spent my time and with whom, what, when, and where. This process will allow me to depart from old habits and allow me the sort of future I crave. I use NYU as a marker, for deciding when I believe that I have arrived. If and when I arrive at NYU as a law student, I would have known that the me that has held me back all these years has certainly died. The emotional, mental, and spiritual grievances that I have experienced would prove to no longer have a hold on me or my purpose.

Making these necessary strives is important to embodying a well-rounded, fully capable person. I have so much potential, my teachers would always say. Well, I believe it is time that I reach that potential. Proving to myself, my family, and my friends that I am fully capable of preforming well in law school, completing law school, and acting as an astute and esteemed lawyer will not be too difficult. But, convincing an Admissions Committee of NYU's caliber will be a methodical and extensive process,  and of one I am eager to embark upon.

My aim starts with wrestling the LSAT. Much of my time will be devoted to preparing for the LSAT, and  yes, attempting an overzealous score of 170. I can do it, my mind shrieks. All the while, making the right connections and receiving adequate experience in the real world, post undergrad, along side law professionals and mentors.

As I begin this tedious and exciting journey, I hope that you will be hopeful and faithful that this feat will be tackled successfully, and that this student of a once mediocre academic performance, will be transformed and renewed, to represent the intellectual, social, and academic genius she truly is.